Co-Extrusion Technology

Turning Two Into One

Coextrusion is the future of fabrication technology and our research has put us years ahead of the market. Co-Extrusion is the process of pressing two or more materials through the same die to produce a single piece. It provides dimensionally precise manufacturing for seamless construction and consistent wall thickness. By eliminating overlap, it provides superior leak prevention and chemical resistance, saving you time and money down the road.


Product Benefits

  • Consistent Wall Thickness
  • Seamless Construction
  • Dimensionally Precise Manufacturing
  • Cost Savings
  • Superior Leak Prevention
  • Superior Chemical Resistance


Jacket & Core:

  • Silicone


  • Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)
  • Fluorocarbon (FKM)

Plain or Lock Stitch Reinforcement:

  • Meta Aramid
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
Diameter.25" - 3" ID 
Wall Thickness.16" - .22" 
Working Pressure30-150 PSI 
Working Temperature-40°F - 392°F 
Bend Radius1:1 

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