Meeting the Toughest Rail Industry Standards for Decades

Your customers are counting on you to get them and their products across the country, so you need be sure your trains will make the trip without incident. That’s why so many rail companies and engineers trust Flexfab parts to keep their trains on the tracks. Flexfab parts are engineered to withstand the most punishing conditions, protecting your motors and keeping them running at top efficiency.

Trust Flexfab to bring you the parts, knowledge, and service you need to optimize your lines.

Locomotive Products


Locomotive Assemblies

  • Charge air turbo
  • Coalescer

Locomotive Engine Components

Flexfab offers standard and custom components for locomotive engines.

  • EGR bellows
  • Charge air
  • Coolant Hose
  • Elbows
  • Air inlet duct

Locomotive Sleeves & Connectors

Flexible solutions for engine connections. Well suited for extreme environments where dependability and durability are a must

Passenger Train Products


Passenger Rail Traction Motor

Our traction motor duct is capable of withstanding harsh exterior environments on the underside of rolling stock. Available in any diameter and length configuration; and custom designs for individual offset and extension requirements.

Passenger Rail and Water Drain

Passenger Rail Water Drain

Flexible, vacuum resistant connectors for waste pressurization systems.


Passenger Rail HVAC

  • Flexible ducting
  • Hoses
  • Bellows
  • Silencers/mufflers
  • Composite ducting (reinforced thermoplastic composite)

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