Culture That Inspires Innovation

We're proud of the fact the world's most trusted brands rely on Flexfab when it comes to custom-engineered solutions and it all starts with a commitment to our staff and community. We strive to provide a company culture that inspires constant improvement, quality craftsmanship, and products that clients can trust.

Employees Who Care

We figured out early that if we wanted to become a world leader we needed to develop a close relationship with our customers so we could better understand their needs to stay flexible. That required us to build a team of people who are not only incredibly smart but also good listeners who care.

Innovation Driven

Not only are we evolving our technology, but we are also constantly updating our processes. Our teams are implementing systems that allow us to provide faster and more efficient service than ever. When we are more efficient, we can help our customers be more efficient. We are focused on delivering an exceptional experience every day.

Quality of Life

Quality of life for our employees is one of the four pillars that make up our creed. We are building a culture of excellence by providing a challenging and stimulating work environment while recognizing each person's merit and creating opportunities for personal development. We believe in helping our employees excel by providing both onsite and offsite training.

The Importance of Education

Flexfab is one of the few companies that offers a 100% tuition reimbursement to all employees who possess the desire to further their education. We've made a commitment to helping our employees, their families, and the community succeed.

Our Core Values

All of this reflects our corporate values, affectionately known here at Flexfab as HEARTS 

Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, Teamwork, and Support

These values permeate everything we do, guide our decisions, and keep us grounded. I guess you could call us humble hearts.

Everything We Do Must Be of High Quality

This is not just a statement, it's our culture. It's what we strive to do every single day. We work hard to ensure that we meet mandated universal certifications, as well as our customers' unique specifications. That is why we have dedicated resources towards world-class testing equipment. We believe in pushing the limits of what is possible.