Qualify by Similarity


Our QBS tool utilizes AI to create a knowledge graph of reference points. Based on a customer's request, we connect essential product requirements to the customer's standards and published industry standards (FAA, FDA, etc), we then connect these standards to your historical product data. 

By connecting standards to past similar product we provide your engineer with a quick reference guide of information needed to generate a QBS report.

QBS image

Step One

Customer Request

Whether it is a page or 100 pages, our QBS tool scans the product request document looking for requirements/standards the product needs to meet. Over time the AI will develop a understanding for customer language and make smarter and faster references.

Step Two

Matching Standards

Once requirements have been highlighted we connect them to their origin source: A customer requirements booklet, database, or a online federal regulation publishing.

Step Three

Historical Data

By creating a knowledge graph containing all of your companies previous products we can quickly identify previous products similar to the current request. AI will further identify similar products that met the same standards in the current customer request. 

Step Four

Generate Report

By successfully generating a list of QBS points for the engineer to reference, the QBS tool has saved engineering hours by automating the process, and saved testing costs by eliminating the need for duplicate test. The engineer now reviews these points and prepares a document for the customer. 

Qbs save time

Spend Less Time on QBS Reports