Aerospace Categories

Water & Waste

Water & Waste

Our water and waste products meet your high pressure, vacuum, electrical bonding, installation and reliability requirements. Flexfab provides both standard and custom design solutions.

  • Drains
  • Shrouds
APU Ducts


Flexfab’s APU seals are designed to meet your pressure, displacement, flame and installation requirements.

  • Seals
  • Ducts


Flexfab's designs, specifies, and manufactures an extensive range of ECS solutions. Our products are qualified to meet the pressure, acoustic, and temperature requirements of the state of the art ECS system.



Flexfab has a full range of fire resistant and fire proof solutions for your power and propulsion needs qualified to 2000°F/1100°C fireproof requirements.

  • Inlet Seals & Joints
  • Firewall Seals & Bellows
  • Oil Cooling Ducts


Flexfab has invested in the qualification of key Aerospace industry standards. We are tooled and ready to produce. Material Capabilities & Design.

  • AS1503
  • AS1504
  • AS1505
  • AS1506
  • AS1544
  • AS1591
  • AS4546
  • AS4774
  • AS4804
  • NAS1370-NAS1379