Flexfab has a full range of fire-resistant and fireproof solutions for your power and propulsion needs. Qualified to 2000°F/1100°C fireproof requirements Flexfab propulsion solutions are perfect for your Aerospace application.


Inlet Seals & Joints

Flexfab propulsion inlet seals and joints are used to create seals around pipes and other penetration points through the bulkhead and firewalls. Flexfab propulsion components allow X/Y/Z movement of penetrating media while maintaining a fireproof and pressurized seal between compartments.

Inlets Seals

Fire seals

Fire Bellows and Seals

Flexfab fire bellows and seals are built for extreme temperature resistance at a constant 500°F operating temperature. Feature durable flexible design, complex shapes, superior clamp retention, and easy integration with metallic flanges. Custom profiles available upon request.

Fuel Shrouds

Flexfab high-temperature lightweight fuel shrouds are a secondary containment system designed to route the inadvertent leaking of fuel from the nozzle array to a safe location. Fuel shrouds mount around the fuel line and nozzle array on the engine and can be taken on and off the engine without disconnecting the fuel delivery system.

Fuel Shroud


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