Flexible ECS

Flexfab Silicone ECS products are designed to connect the plane cabins; floor, crown, and branch central air distribution ducts. They are lightweight, available in standard and custom design. Flexfab solutions can easily be integrated into existing systems and new platforms.



Flexfab offers a variety of off-the-shelf ECS standard products. Custom designs and sizing available upon request.

Aerospace standards

Bellows caps

Sleeves, Bellows, Reducers & Caps

Flexfab sleeves, bellows, reducers, and caps are ECS components used to complete rigid and flexible, pressurized conditioned air ducting systems. These Flexfab components are lightweight and FST (flame, smoke, and toxicity) complaint.


Flexfab silicone mufflers are custom engineered with sound-absorbent insert materials to drastically reduce aircraft noise and allow passengers to enjoy a quieter journey.

Silicone muffler


For standard sizing, specifications, or more information, contact our Aerospace team