Blow Molding

Complexity Made Simple

State-of-the-art blow molding technology allows us to design complex hollow plastic shapes in 2D and 3D with controlled wall thickness and limited waste. Blow molded shapes include cold side and hot side CAC ducts and exposed ducts handling temperatures from -200°F to over 400°F. We can form shapes from 8 inches to 59 inches, at diameters from 0.59 inches all the way up to 5 inches across.


Product Benefits

  • Complex Shape Capabilities
  • Capable of both 2D & 3D
  • Limited Waste
  • Accessory Molding & Welding Capabilities
  • Controlled Wall Thickness
Size CapabilitiesRange 
Part Weight500-1200mm 
Wall Thickness2-5mm 
Temp. CapabilitiesRangeMaterials 
Cold Side CAC Ducts120-130 °CPP & TPR 
Exposed Ducts, Low Temp150 °CPolyesters 
Exposed Ducts, Higher Temp160-170 °CPA (6) 
Hot Side CAC Ducts180-220 °CPA (66, 46) w/ Fiberglass 
Premium Hot Side CAC Ducts230 °CPA (66) & PPS w/ Fiberglass 

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