Humble Hearts

Flexfab is more than a company, it’s a culture of excellence that supplies world-class products. Flexfab cares for the communities in which we live and work. We want to make a positive impact on every one of them. Employees are our most important asset. We built a great workplace on our core values, we refer to this as HEARTS. Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, Teamwork, and Support.

Honesty Illustration


Do the right thing

We are honest in all situations. We are the kind of company that rewards honesty, regardless of the perceived consequence. We believe honesty is the best policy.

Excellence Illustration


Continuously Search For Ways To Exceed Expectations

We understand maintaining status quo will not secure our position. To remain competitive we relentlessly look for ways to cut cost, improve quality, and service our customers more efficiently.

Accountability Illustration


Take Extreme Ownership

We accept responsibility for our actions, and following through on our responsibilities. We take extreme ownership and raise our accountability to the team’s success by acting on, and accepting responsibility for the world around us.

Respect Illustration


Recognize The Values Of Each Associate

We choose to respect each other at all times. We have heard that respect in earned, and that is true, but being respectful is something we hold constant.

Teamwork Illustration


Collaborate, Communicate, Take Action

We believe teamwork is the best approach, and it begins with trust between team mates. By living our core values and striving to achieve common goals we create an environment for high performance and diverse teams capable of achieving great results.

Support Illustration


Individuals, Organizations, Community

We offer support to each other to achieve a work-life balance and serve the community. By intentionally creating a supportive team working environment we will provide a focus on mutual gain by sharing goals and collaborating fully to promote a rewarding environment within our organization and community.

Our Values